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My Last Sarah Palin Blog

November 7, 2008

Ok, this is my last Sarah Palin blog. I know, you are thinking not again, but you need to understand that Sarah Palin’s exit from the National Life is a calamity for unseasoned comics.

Lets just pretend that Sarah Palin runs for President in 2016, campaigns in towels, (like she did for her campaign staff) and that all heterosexual males just gets mesmerized, and vote for her. Even the 7 year olds.  And she becomes The President.

So Newsweek reported that Sarah Palin does not know the difference between Countries and Continents. She could not understand why Africa is a Continent, and that the NAFTA was signed by different countries. So why deal with confusing countries in the Visa Numbers?  Just delete the country quota, make it one world. India and China just became current. Yay!

Then, no one in her administration understands the complicated ETA 9089. Lets KISS her and Keep It Simple Stupid.

This is my proposed ETA 9089 Form for 2016.

1. Do you have a job (any job) open?
2. Can you pay for a job, (any job)?
3. Is the alien qualified to do a job (any job)?
4.  Is the Alien good looking?
5.  Will the Alien have sex without contraception?
6. Do you believe in Guns, Christian God and will you exterminate the Gays?

If thew answer to all the above is yes, then the alien has an interview with the District Office.

There you have a point system.

Great Looking—5 points
Good Looking—-3 points
Fair Looking—-1 point


Price range $ 1000/- and above—5 points
Price range $500/ and above——3 points
Price range $350——————2 Points
Anything below——————Points deducted from your total

Based on the number of points, preference systems will be allocated.

There she solved all the complexities of an employment based immigration.

Ok,  no more on Sarah Palin, unless she becomes a senator from Alaska!

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Immigration and Sarah Palin

September 5, 2008

The legal stuff first: This blog is not true. Actually I dont think Governor Palin even knows what immigration means. This is just what I think, hopefully a blog whose value is only in its humor.

So, lets say, John McCain gets to be President, and then just dies of whatever carcinoma he has. We will then have President Palin. She is an ex Beauty Queen—- for Wasilla and second in Alaska! She majored in journalism from the University of Idaho. There are no immigrants in Alaska or Idaho. What does immigration actually mean? Oh and where is Iraq? In the middle east, just on the other side of the mid west.

She might think that EB (Employment Based) should be Excellence in Beauty. Yes, the categories will remain the same, except the judging criteria will be the same as the beauty contests. Indians and Chinese will never get on 2nd pref, (they will all be 3rd or less), so EB-2 for India and China will always be current. And probably most beneficiaries will be females, with husbands being derivative beneficiaries. (Nothing against guys, but there just isn’t any male beauty contests, and therefore no rules. And Congress of course will not pass anything).

Ok, so we will have only one type of employment based categories. OK, maybe 2. Oil Drillers and Fishermen. So if you are either, you come in. If not, leave NOW!

Maybe we will have a category for dogs. Palin is a self described “pitbull with lipstick”. I’m sure she likes huskies. So we should have unrestricted immigration for dogs. Family based categories for dogs.

Now do you see why it was a bad idea to buy Alaska from Russia? The Putin/Palin ticket has a great ring to it.