E Verify is a computer based program designed to ensure that employers are hiring only legal workers. The Employer signs on to a Social Security Computer based program and when new employees are going to be hired, the employer inputs their name and SS # to see whether there is a “match”, ie they are indeed legal to work in the US.

This Computer based wondercomputer takes 2 days to do the match. (We have only 300 million people in the US, how large is this database?) But then again, like the Govt Employees, the Govt computers run at probably 1 megabit per second.

The mismatch rate (according to a Journal written to “debunk the myths of E Verify” has a .5% mismatch rate) . Of course this rate the lowest we will ever get. For a population of 300 million, that is 1.5 million people. Many of them will not have white skin color. Does the Government have any idea how hard it is to find a job for people of certain education and skin color? Imagine then, if after finding a job, a legal person is kicked out!

And what just ices this cake is that no one can sue the Government for such mistakes.

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