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A quick Summary of Important provisions of Obama’s Executive Order

November 21, 2014
  1. Class of people benefited:
  1. People without status:
  • Are you the parent of a United States Citizen or a Legal Permanent Resident
  • Are you in the US continuously for the last 5 years—–ie from January 01, 2010 or before
  • Are you a person who entered as a child (before age 16) and before Jan 01, 2010 and graduated high school—no matter what age you are now—DACA will be expanded to people older than 31
  • Not in removal proceedings
  • Do not have criminal records
  1. What you need:
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate of USC or LPR children with parents names on it
  • Documents to prove continuous residence from January 01, 2010. These documents re: paystubs and W-2s, doctor’s prescriptions with your names , school records, driver’s license from US if you have any, US Bank account showing activity for the past 5 years, any marriage
  • School records and graduation certificate or GED certificate if filing under expanded DACA
  • Filing fee $ 465/-
  1. What you will get:

Work permit for 3 years which you can use to get a Social Security Number and Driver’s License

You will not get a Green Card (Permanent Resident Card)

  1. Class of people benefited: People with legal status going through the Employment based Immigration System:

Note: The Democrats don’t like you guys and therefore will probably take forever to promulgate regulations. But below are the Proposals:

  1. Expanding the subjects for STEM OPT extension
  2. Issue guidance for National Interest Waiver. Right now some officers use the same standard as the Exceptional category only
  3. Start ups and Entrepreneurs —who don’t have enough for National Interest Waivers, but who has secured US venture Capital will be able to come and work in the US with a parole.
  4. L-1B s are now impossible to get. Hopefully this will become easier.
  5. I-140 portability will become easier by getting the “same and similar” standard better
  6. Work permits to H-4—probably the regulations will be finalized in January
  7. Beneficiaries getting I-140 approval will be able to file I-485 thereby getting right to work for spouses, irrespective of whether their visa numbers are available.

I-601- Hardship waivers to apply to spouses and parents of Green Card (Permanent Resident Card) holders.

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