When Government Reopens

Yes, the Government is back up, but not their web site.  When the Government shut down, it took them 2 seconds to shut everything down and go home.  Now that they are supposed to show up for work again, they are forming their “post shutdown” schedule.

We are monitoring the progress and will let you know when the web sites go up again.  Meanwhile H-1Bs cannot be filed without certified labor condition applications.

PERM- Labor Certification website is still down.

Any package that we sent to Department of Labor was held by fedex, and will be delivered today.

Any question that you might have as to how long it will take has one answer: “who knows”.  Hopefully shortly.  Hopefully labor condition applications and Prevailing Wages will be adjudicated swiftly.

With that in mind, we are sending advertisements for quotes.

Once the web sites are back up, employers can register for PERM- Labor Certification again, and file labor condition application.  And yes, we will file all the PERM- Labor Certifications waiting us.


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