When lawyers try to bribe

Why does it always have to be Indian lawyers? Usually lawyers who are foreign graduates, and usually Indians.

They try to bribe Immigration officers. Just like they did in India.

Kiran Diwan, an attorney from the Law office of Dewan in Maryland recently got indicted on charges that he tried to bribe (an undercover) CIS agent for 3 of his clients.  He took money and faked a marriage for two of his clients, and probably faked the signature of the employer in Employment based visas. Then he submitted these documents to the Immigration Officer rather than by proper mail channels that is regular with the CIS.

I remember being asked by an Immigration Officer, for an interview (at the Houston District Office)  I had with my clients once, “you are not going to bribe me with tickets to the music show?” When I looked horrified that the officer would suggest such a thing,  he said, he was joking with me, but that the previous Indian attorney had offered him tickets to a musical show that she performed in.  Although the officer did not say the name of this attorney, I completely believed him, because there is an attorney in Houston of Indian origin who sings.

This attorney may or may not be trying to bribe the officer, but of course was trying to get friendly with him. As Immigration lawyers, and in order to ensure and uphold due process must not become friends or have any social connections with the officers who adjudicate these cases.  The same is true for judges.

And while I am at it, Texas elects all its judges. And lawyers give “campaign contributions.”  Is not campaign contribution a form of bribery?


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