What can an Illegal Immigrant do now ?

Will an Immigration deal be reached? Who knows? But what an an illegal Immigrant do to prepare?


Usually Immigration legislation stops on the day it is passed. Thus the benefits accrue to people who were physically present in the United States before that date or earlier. This is done to stem people from crossing the border with the news that US is giving immigration. However proving that you were in the United States can be a challenge for people already here with no papers. Most states don’t give them driver’s license, and they do cash business and dont have bank accounts. They are not in school.


This problem wont be acute for the applicants who have submitted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Applicants.


However if you have not applied for DACA, you should prepare and get some documents together. Maybe make a purchase with your name.  Go to the church, get involved in community service. If you are sending money home, then keep those receipts. Get utilities bill in all your names, even if you are sharing them. Buy something on layaway. Get any record you can with your name on it.  And yes, best of all, if you can afford it, enroll in some school.


The next thing to do would be to save money. You are here illegally and there will be some sort of fines involved. Traditionally fines have been $1000/-   That was on top of the actual form fee. Add attorney’s fees.  All this will add up.  Although its impossible to say how much money it will cost, I would think before buying my next beer if I was you.


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