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Immigration for New Business

December 5, 2012

The Director of Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS), Mr. Alejandro Mayorkas, recently said, in a speech at MIT that the Obama administration realizes that immigration process is bad for new business /entrepreneurs and is working to make it better.

The Obama administration in keeping with their party line, has been far worse than the previous administration on business immigration.  ( And yes, I am a democrat).  In 2010, the administration issued an inane memo about employers “directly controlling” their employees.  When people, including ex Congressman who helped draft the H-1B bill complained, the CIS started selectively using that memo for H-1B from Computer Consulting industry and not other industries. Where is the rule of law, Mr. President?  Additionally,  the approval depends on the whim of individual officers rather than any objective criteria. I know its hard to create an objective black and white rule about businesses which will last, and others which won’t, but the CIS should be able to have some of that “direct control” over its employees.

I understand that there is a lot of fraud. Employers may bench employees for some time. However this is the reality of their business. Why not let the market place solve this issue?  It amazes me that change/extension of status is so hard for employment based visas.  Yet these people entered legally and is highly educated.  Why not defer action them, and show some mercy to people who are actually working in high paying jobs and paying taxes?

Business Immigration is an issue that both Republicans and Democrats can agree on.  These immigrants are not illegal, educated with at least a Bachelor’s Degree or higher, bring in money, or work and produce income and is good for the economy.  Last year a bill to do away with country quotas passed with a 97% approval in the House. Yet all democrats voted against the Republican sponsored STEM act in December.  Republicans and Democrats, you wont offend anybody, including your base, by agreeing with each other for once.


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