Immigration can and should be done in chunks

At the onset let me make it clear that I am a Democrat.  And a liberal one at that. But today, I applaud the Republicans and perhaps hate the Democrats on Immigration issues. Today the House will vote for the STEM Act. The Stem act does away with the Diversity visa and gives visas to highly qualified Science and Technology Graduates, who are in the country legally.

The Democrats of course think that these Science and Tech grads will become high earning and won’t vote for them. Seriously, Silicon Valley is largely Democratic. But if the Democrats dont do anything for them, maybe Silicon Valley will turn Republican. They Democrats want a huge comprehensive Immigration Act. This is an act for illegals and legals and everyone else.  And this will take time, and may not materialize. The Democrats are also behaving in a high handed manner.  Yes, the country voted Democratic ( for the record I also voted straight party Democrat) for the Presidential election. But the House is still majority Republican. And if the Democrats don’t compromise, then just like the last four years, we will have no legislation.

The Democrats have to answer this:  Would the United States benefit more from a highly qualified Science and Math graduate who was born in say India or China, rather than a High School Graduate born in Africa who will come in with the Diversity Visa. Bear in mind, this country still have a lot of high school graduates (heck we still have a lot of college graduates) still looking for work.

Nancy Pelosi and her Democratic colleagues simply cannot be ANTI BUSINESS IMMIGRATION.  Lets face it, the word COMPREHENSIVE means both business and family immigration.  And Immigration is too big an issue to handle all at once.  And lets start piece meal.

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