Country quotas

HR 3012 passed by a huge majority in the House. The bill does away with per country restrictions in issuing Green card, Permanent Residence visas. Right now there are restrictions as to how many Permanent Resident visas are given to each country. For Employment visas, countries with huge educated population, notably India and China fill up their quotas very easily.  As a result there were long lines for qualified individuals, possessing at least a Master’s Degree or a Bachelor’s Degree with 5 yrs of experience (EB-2).  People born in India and China had to wait for as long as 5 years, while they watched individuals with the exact same qualification as them, but born in other countries getting their Green Cards much faster.   This bill if it passes the Senate and become law, will make the EB-2 category for India and China the same as that of wany other country.  It will also make family immigration from Mexico and Philipines much faster.

The per country quota was established to do “social engineering” so that the population of the USA remain the same balance that it originally was. This is inherently discriminatory and against the principles on what our nation was founded upon.  What if there were quotas for Pilgrims, Irish or Italian immigrants?  The history of Immigration Law in this country actually rivals that of slavery. Yet it is practiced still today. And thus this bill has bipartisan support. It passed with huge support in the House.  Hopefully the Senate Democrats wont put in issues of Dream Act into the bill, and have the Republicans oppose it.

There is a moral difference for doing away with the per country quotas and granting amnesty to the American children, brought over here illegally through no fault of their own, and having education yet no status (known as the Dream Act). I feel for these children.  But the country quotas has to do with whether, America as a country, want to maintain the Euro centric society and engage in social engineering.  The  Dream Act  has to do with America having a heart and granting Amnesty.  One has to do with America being inherently discriminatory, the other has to do with American charity. Charity is great, but Discrimination is impermissible.

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