Xenophobia failing in Arizona

We formed society and weaved laws to regulate our lives so that we can live and let live. Laws need to be for common good.  Thus any law based on hatred for any group, usually fails. The tough immigration law of Arizona, based on xenophobia is failing. Arizona has been shunned by businesses across the nation. Phoenix dropped from being one of the top four destinations in the US for conventions, to being the 23rd. And Governor Jan Brewer’s tough anti immigration stance has been tempered.

Arizona businesses are now strongly protesting the anti immigration law. Bowing down to business pressures, the Arizona Senate recently voted down 5 bills which included amongst other things that hospitals report police of immigration status of emergency care patients, and do away with birthright citizenship. Other conservative states like Utah are not going the Arizona way. The whole reason behind the unpopularity of the Arizona law was that it was based on xenophobia about Mexican immigrants. The hatred for them was embodied in the denial of basic services to them. And hatred for a targeted group got no one no where.


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