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Asylum Cases

September 30, 2010

Three attorneys in California has been indicted of filing false Asylum cases.  Judge Damrell said that while there were flaws in the asylum system that “doesn’t give license to lawyers to take advantage of it.” The lawyers apparently filed fraudulent applications.

Yes, the Asylum system is riddled with flaws. Full disclosure first: I do NOT practice Asylum, and my knowledge is limited.  However I do practice immigration law.

Asylum is granted to individuals who, if they were to return to their home country would be persecuted. While it is true that many people all over the world are persecuted, I believe only very few can come to the US. All countries are basically economic entities. So even though different races fight, basically it is the poor who gets persecuted. Whether its between different political parties, between Hutus or Tutsis, between Shias and Sunnis, between blacks and whites, between different drug factions, it is seldom that the rich suffer. They have resources to hide or bribe the opposing party. It is usually the poor who gets persecuted and they usually do not have the resources to come to America.

I had once taken a pro bono asylum case from the Catholic Charities. This person was from Africa.  When I first heard his story, he sounded very authentic. His story moved my heart. He also convinced a doctor to write about psychological implications for him.  I wrote a fantastic brief.

The story was that both him and his girl friend were persecuted. Horrible acts of atrocities. As time went on, the guy asked me that he had changed girl friends, and can we substitute the new name. Gradually I became convinced that he was scamming us.  He knew the story of someone, and just substituted himself. He had the Catholic Charities, the doctor and me fooled. I withdrew and so did Catholic Charities. I have no idea if this person is still in the US, probably he paid some lawyer to represent him.

That was my one and only asylum case.  I am not saying all asylum cases are bogus, but my guess is that a substantial majority are. However the State Bar of Texas wants you to take certain of these cases BEFORE you can even sit the exam for Board Certification.

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Stephen Colbert and Immigration

September 24, 2010

I loved Stephen Colbert’s Republican solutions for alternatives to legalizing the illegal farm workers. No American will work in farms, and we wont legalize the Mexicans who actually work there. So:

1. We should grow fruits and vegetables that pick themselves— with the help of Fruit of the Loom Scientists
2. Stop eating fruits and vegetables— Which Americans have started doing already

In the same vein, I would like to add some Democratic Solutions to Professional Employment based visas, where it seems they have a vendetta againt Indian Computer Professionals.

1. Make the average Permanent Visa wait times for Indian and Chinese people to be 150 years. Dont extend their H-1B, they just need to go back to India or China and come back in 150 years

2. Stop programming office Computers—– go work in the farms instead. Kill two birds with one stone— no more Indian Computer professional, and no more illegal Mexicans either. Immigration problem solved.

3. Raise the taxes of the Indian and Chinese H-1B professionals to 200% of their income.  Not only will we take care of border security (which we are now doing with the $4000/- per H-1B fees from Indian Companies), but we will also take care of the budget deficit with the Indian and Chinese money. Then we can give Cadillac health care to all those people who had stopped eating fruits and vegetables following Mr. Colbert.

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Pledge to America–We will keep it White and Christian

September 23, 2010

This blog is for humor purposes, there is no truth to it.

Read our lips, No new taxes whatsoever—– yeah the deficit, who cares, we just increase it and then blame it on Obama.  As long as our white constituents don’t have to pay for the poor blacks and the Hispanics.

We will cut everything—- public education, food stamps, etc. But not the military. Need to keep fighting, “to keep America safe.”

Oh, I forgot, the other way to do this is to prevent the rise of Muslims. No new mosques. Actually we should infuse this fear of Muslims into our children too—– lets do a reverse jihad on the Muslims. Lets follow Texas’ lead and rewrite the history of the 11 to 15th Century. During this period the Christians were regrouping and making a grass roots revolution. We did not trade with the world to prevent the growth of those Muslims. We cut our spending and prayed in our monasteries instead.
Just like we should do now.

And of course one way to do this is to cut out the illegals. We should not spend on them. Follow Arizona. Those slimes will not vote for us if we grant them citizenship. Yeah, and kill those anchor babies as well. Then we don’t have to bother with changing our constitution to divest them of citizenship.

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Should your lawyer have more brains or more sympathy?

September 17, 2010

My son recently joined medical school, and was given his first “patient” to diagnose. The students are graded not only on the correct medical diagnosis, but also on bed side manners. His “patient” (these are actually actors that med schools hire) presented herself with chest pain. After this experience my son asked me, whether if I was having chest pain, I wanted the doctor to say “everything will be alright” even though the doctor knows I may not. ie do I want a doctor to be sympathetic or do I want to hear the truth?

My answer to my son was that even though I don’t need the hand holding, because I am a very strong person, I’m sure most people do. ie, Hold their hand and break the bed news as gently as you can, but don’t hide the news.

Which is what a lot of unscrupulous lawyers do not do. I know many lawyers will promise clients the moon. Since I practice immigration law, I will keep my examples to immigration issues only.

When a client goes to a lawyer, a lot of lawyers lie—- no surprises here. “yes we can get that done”, “yes, we have done thousands of these.” These lawyers are very friendly, have the greatest bed side manners. Yet when they get the denials, they sound very sincere when they say, “i don’t know why CIS denied your case.” Any good lawyer knows what case is going to be approved and what case is going to be denied. Yet they do not refuse to take the case knowing they will get money to work for it.

Also just because a case can be filed, does not mean it should be filed. For instance, you can file a labor certification (PERM) for almost anyone. But if the next step, ie the I-140 does not go through, the PERM is useless. Same is true for certain family filings. Yet unscrupulous lawyers take the case, and the money to file the case.

Same is true for doctors. Both can be equally sweet and equally deceptive.

Yet clients, (and patients) choose doctors and lawyers by asking their friends, and by their professional’s bed side manner rather than objectively by their education and wisdom. If you want someone to hold your hands and cry with you, get a friend. If you want your doctor and lawyer to represent your interest, choose one who went to a good school, does not have any disciplinary violations, and is sincere in his  efforts. Generally foreign doctors and lawyers are less qualified simply because its easy to get into law schools and med schools in most countries. In India for instance the top students are engineers. Lawyers and most people in Humanities are at the bottom of the IQ heap.

In the end you are a consumer, and you have to do your due diligence or be duped.

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The American Dream

September 16, 2010

Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act better known for its acronym, the dream Act, is again going to be debated as early as next week. The Democrats are going to append it to the Department of Defense Authorization Bill. The Dream Act is aimed at legalizing those children bought over illegally by their parents, have graduated high school and plan to attend at least a two year college or join the military. We educate these children, they are here illegally through no fault of their own, they studied, graduated high school, and in many instances college, and yet cannot work here legally. I know several Masters Degree holders who are illegal. They work illegally as clerks in convenient stores, no where realizing their potential. You would think that their plight will have non partisan support in the Congress. Yet this bill has not passed since 2001.

We pay for their education, yet we don’t employ them, so that they can pay taxes and be productive members of society. What’s tragic is that even though they fall in love and marry US Citizens, they still cannot get residency, because they “entered illegally.”

I really hope that the Senate and Congress will come together on this issue. But with the current Republican strategy of “just say no” and with certain members introducing such terms as anchor babies, I doubt anything will get passed. Another time their dreams will be shattered.

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One Nation Under God

September 8, 2010

Are we becoming more and more intolerant or was the fire of religious intolerance always burning?  The pilgrims, the very first immigrants to this nation came to seek religious freedom. I cant help but wonder what they would do if the Native Americans burned their bibles, did not allow them to build churches or tried to kill their horse drivers. Most immigrant come to America for this freedom, religious, social, economic.

Yet, when we immigrated to Texas, and enrolled my kids at River Oaks Baptist School in Houston, we met with increasing religious intolerance. We were brown, and Hindu, wrong color, wrong religion. They had bible as a class. I was perfectly happy with that, since a knowledge of bible is essential to the understanding of the Western Culture. But the bible teacher used it to discriminate against my children. They were asked to expound on a passage that said that people who worshiped idols are like dogs. Incidentally that bible teacher always dressed in real tight and real low cut clothes.

My children were treated like subhumans. Other children would not play with them, and pushed them in playgrounds, with the encouragement of teachers. The teachers would mark them down for little things. We were told not to expect much from our children. We were told to see a psychiatrist at the med center, a professional from Houston Baptist University, who said my son had low IQ. I doubt his own IQ was above 100. To prove to myself that my children were smart, I made them sit the Mensa exams and they became members of Mensa at second grade. They subsequently made it to Duke and Yale, while the average River Oaks Baptist kids graduate from those southern religious colleges ranked as lowest in education by US News and World Report.

Religion is a business which thrives on putting down and converting other religions. By nature we humans are sectarians.  We are divided into color, gender, etc which are hard to change. But religion is not immutable. And religion fosters hatred for other religions. At River Oaks Baptist school, the Baptist hated even the Catholics. I guess there are layers of hatred, with Muslim being the lowest on the totem pole. Religion propagates blind acceptance without questioning that fuels this intense hate.

And to those kindly souls who told our kids that they felt “sorry” that my kids would not go to Heaven, I say, my kids are going to that other H— Harvard.

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To Kill a Mockkingbird–Arizona Style

September 2, 2010

Arizona, (or at least the Maricopa County) wants to do away with the US Constitution altogether. The feds have sued the county because they engaged in willful discrimination, illegal searches and seizures and English only policy in their jails. The feds asked for documents 15 months ago, and Maricopa county has not complied.

Obviously Maricopa is hiding something. I am willing to bet that many of those Hispanics or brown people (and I’m sure they are legal or else Sheriff  Arpaio would have either killed or have them deported already) is being detained for no legal reasons whatsoever. If the Sheriff is a confirmed racist, the jury will not be any different.

Meanwhile the Pew Research Center released a study saying that most illegals have left Arizona and the number coming into the US has declined.

Arizona does not want to follow the principles of the US Constitution. Yet it wants to be a part of the US? Why get the benefits of the federal dollars, if you cannot maintain the tolerance that is the hallmark of the US. And even John McCain, who with Senator Kennedy had once introduced the best comprehensive immigration bill in the Country ever, is now anti immigrant.  He even said that most accidents are caused by illegal immigrants! What a Republican can do for votes.

Wonder if what Sheriff Arpaio’s forefathers would do if the Native Americans tried to deport them.

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