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USCIS Lock Box

May 28, 2010

In their strive to automatize, the USCIS has introduced centralized lock box system. This system mirrors the system used by private companies, like utility companies who collect money.  The personnel uses machines to collect fees, look at the petition to determine prima facia sufficiency, and prepare the case for adjudicators. However they also scan the documents for retrieval.  They have been doing so for several years now.

They scan all forms and supporting documents. They also take out of the package any tabs, etc that we insert to arrange documents. If the file is too large, they only scan (completely arbitrarily) the first 50 pages.

The CIS wants to have I-140s into the lockbox systems.  I-140s can be very thick petitions, especially for Outstanding categories, NIW, International Managers, etc. If the lock box system takes out tabs, etc, in the very least it will make life for the adjudicators very difficult.

In a recent meeting with AILA members at the Texas Service Center Mr. David Roark, the Director of the TSC objected to the removal of the tabs.

However, CIS, being the huge government bureaucracy that it is, will probably not listen to everyone in formulating policies.  So even though they make be able to generate receipt notices faster, we will have slower adjudications, and maybe even denials if papers go missing from original petitions.

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Happy Mother’s Day

May 7, 2010

I am a eight year old girl in Mexico.  My mother is working in your country illegally. My father was never in the picture.  My mother had 2 other children. She had no education, she could not find a job.  She had to either watch her children die from hunger, or come to the US illegally and work.

Unlike you, she works any and all jobs.  She works very hard. There are no benefits, no WIC, no food stamp, no safety net. And then she send money home.

Yes, she is not following US laws, but there is a higher law, that of evolution. All species have built in survival instincts built into them, an instinct that propels a mother to do anything to save her children. And that natural law does  not make earning a living a crime. When we as a species decided to live in society, we bound ourselves into law, the law of live and let live.

I know that most people who criticize my mother in your country do not believe in evolutionary or natural law. But you do believe in God. Does your religion allow you to bring a child into this world, and then not care of that child? “Refrigerator Mother” is only a coinage of the Western World. I don’t know what it means. I only know that my mother is doing whats best for me. And if you have people to do the work that my mother is doing, why do you hire my mother?

Mom, I know that on this Mother’s day, you will do your work, and then come home in fear, and go to sleep in your shanty apartment. I know you will not get a kiss from me, or even a gift. But I love you.  Happy Mother’s Day.

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