H-1B Numbers

This year, like the last two years, we all filed the H-1B petitions by Fedex or Express Mail on March 31 to reach Vermont or California by April 01. Some were filed for the next five days. And we all know the number of filings were not as high this year. And then we waited, hoping praying that we will get in.

Its now April 07. And the CIS is totally silent as to the numbers. We presume that if there was to be a lottery, they would have announced it. The only thing they said was that a small number of Petitions were receipted in error. (I did not have any erroneous receipts).

We don’t know how many numbers are remaining or when the numbers will be exhausted. The USCIS has a twitter account. At the very least they could have twitted something to the effect that the H-1B numbers are not reached yet. It was hard enough for beneficiarys this year to get a job sponsor, and its not fair that they keep wondering whether they have to face the lottery or not.

And on the twitter note, I wonder when I’ll get the twit from USCIS saying that “today we are not feeling like approving any cases.” Welcome to the hip and cool Obama Administration USCIS.

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