Mississippi, the Deep South and the Illegal Aliens

In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi, the Gulf Coast was devastated. The State had to rebuilt. Illegal Immigrants came in droves, found construction jobs and worked to rebuild the State. Mississippi slowly started regaining its former self back on the backs of this cheap labor. Fast forward to 2008. Their state was rebuilt. The deep south began to start disliking these “illegal alien.” Their only crime….. they already rebuild the State, there was not much left to be built. So the State passed one of the strictest laws against illegal aliens. All big businesses must submit to e verification Social Security Checks. Strict penalties are levied on businesses that employ people not authorized to work in the US.

The illegal immigrants are leaving. We can only hope that no other hurricanes/natural disasters strikes Mississippi again.


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2 Responses to “Mississippi, the Deep South and the Illegal Aliens”

  1. Jana Smith Says:

    As a Black Mississippian, life was not a piece of cake for my family. Do not feel any sympathy for the IILEGALS. They should not have been given better opportunities to succeed when Black LEGAL CITIZENS in the state are suffering. Hypocrites!!

  2. Annie Banerjee Says:

    If we had enough US Citizens to do the job, black, white, pink, whatever, we would not need the illegal people to work here. Fact is we don’t.

    These people are working here, and not getting any social security, medicaid or any benefit like legal citizens do.

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